Designing and building for the editor experience

Andreas Sahle, Daniel Nolde

The editor experience is somehow a blind spot in a lot of projects.
There might exist a great design for the “frontend”, a lot of efforts go into building a good user experience for site visitors and we also put a lot of work in functionality, but very often we are missing out on usability for editors.
There are a lot of sites that are used extensively by editors and for them the “frontend” is the “backend”. The out of the box functionality just isn’t enough, to make them love to work with Drupal for content management.
In this session we want to show, what modules and techniques you can use right now to design and build for a way better editor friendly interface.

  • Common pain points in content management
  • Modules you can use to build an editor friendly backend
  • Strategies for the “intuitive” interface

Here's link to the previous version of the slides of the presentation when I held it during Frontend United Conference earlier this year:

Slides for Designing and Building for the Editor Experience

I uploaded the modified slides from today's presentation - see attachment below

The Content Menu module Daniel created and presented can be found here:
Content Menu Module
A blogpost and screencast for Content Menu module can be found here:
Blogpost and screencast for Content Menu Module

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16 June 10:00 - 11:00
Room: Room
Sites building & Case studies
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