Drupal 8's Multilingual Wonderland

Gábor Hojtsy

Come to this session to get a report of the plans for Drupal 8's multilingual support as well as all the progress made to date especially including the results of the sprint before the conference. We'll cover what is needed for even a basic multilingual site in Drupal 7 and then what is being built into Drupal 8 and what are the remaining plans until the code is frozen for the development version.

If you actually want to get involved, it is best to arrive a few days earlier for the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative (D8MI) sprint. See http://barcelona2012.drupaldays.org/drupal-8-multilingual-initiative-sprint for more information.


Schedule info

Time slot: 
16 June 14:00 - 15:00
NodeOne Hall
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