Drupal Search and Solr Wizardry

In this session we will try to give you a good overview of all the Search modules in Drupal 7. This includes Search (Core), Search API, Apachesolr and many more. This session will not be aimed at SEO but more towards how to make the best search experience for your project.

Breaking News : Session overhaul! This will only be about search_api, search_api_solr and apachesolr contrib and custom modules and what you can do to leverage all of it. We'll also discuss the future of search in Drupal and hopefully have a constructive BOF afterwards. As of now, Search API Solr and the Apachesolr maintainers are co-operating with eachother to make the initial experience as easy and as in-obtrusive as possible. I'll explain you all about these initiatives and how you can help.

On the planning :
What happened with the Apache Solr Module since september? And why was the role of Barcelona so important?
What is on the roadmap for Apache Solr?
What is on the roadmap for search_api_solr?
What initiatives are rolling out in the Drupal search zone?
What does Display Suite do in this Search session?
Bonus : Code snippets for all!
Brainstorm about possible future tracks?

As a Drupal developer I (Nick) am very actively involved in the search world of Drupal. I am co-maintainer of the Apachesolr module and I have helped with many others. Drupal Search was also a topic of my Master Thesis so I'd be happy to explain you all I know and learned in the last couple of months!

Matthias works for Epiqo and they are heavily involved in the development of Search API.

Slides can be found here : http://nickveenhof.github.com/devdays_solr_wizardry

Schedule info

Time slot: 
17 June 13:00 - 14:00
Omega8.cc Room
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