Media in Drupal 7

Janez Urevc

Media handling has been pretty inhomogeneous in previous versions of Drupal. A lot of contrib modules were trying to address the same problem. As a result we ended up with at least a bit different solution on every project. There is an informal initiative that tries to solve this in Drupal 7.

Media and associated modules are trying to standardize asset handling in Drupal 7. With stream wrappers, central media library, assets being fieldable entities and possibility to re-use existing assets, Media offers a solid and reliable base for most of needs related to asset handling in D7.

In this session you're going to hear:

  • How to make assets fieldable entities?
  • How to use Media's central library and how to re-use existing assets?
  • How to use Views with Media?
  • How to use assets, that are stored remotely?
  • How to process your assets on-the-fly?
Experience level: