A sneak peek at Commerce Kickstart v2

Drupal Commerce 1.0 was released in August 2011 and has seen explosive growth ever since. 11 thousand live sites, 88 thousand downloads, and increasing every day. Thousands of contributed modules, articles, screencasts, all showing that the community has recognized the value of Drupal Commerce and is firmly supporting it.

Since the very beginning, Commerce Kickstart provided a simple way to get started with Drupal Commerce. It is a drupal install profile containing all the dependencies and common configuration (product_display content type, a few sample products and matching product displays, etc) needed for a new Commerce project.

In March 2012, Commerce Guys started the development of the next version of Commerce Kickstart, intended to provide a more complete ecommerce experience, including a responsive theme, optional sample content, and new UIs solving common use cases. It focuses on making life easy on store administrators, solving common grievances encountered with vanilla Drupal Commerce 1.0, which was oriented primarily towards developers and site builders, not store administrators.

Commerce Kickstart v2 has an intended release date in time for DrupalCon Munich, with a public beta release happening just in time for DevDays Barcelona.
Join us for a brief overview of the new changes and look at the future of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart, and the complete ecosystem.
Find out your own projects can benefit from the work we are doing, and start providing feedback for making it even better.
See you there!

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17 June 10:00 - 11:00
Omega8.cc Room
Sites building & Case studies
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