Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Track
Drupalize Your Data: Use Entities!
Wolfgang Ziegler

For those that have not been to Denver or missed it, this session would be the same as given in Denver, see...

Intermediate Development
Drush Workshop
Juan Pablo Novillo Requena

Drush is a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal. It provides a set of commands which act as shortcuts to perform common tasks with Drupal sites. The purpose of this workshop is to...

Intermediate Development
Entity Translation
Florian Lorétan

For a long time, the standard content translation mechanism for Drupal has been to have one separate piece of content for each language. Entity Translation is an alternative translation mechanism...

Intermediate Multilingual
How to sleep without the server-crash-fear (High Availability and High Performance Hosting for Drupal)
Michael Schmid

Hosting Drupal for a small and medium site is not very hard. But what if the Drupal Site is business criticality for the customer? Or the servers should handle thousands of Users at the same time...

Intermediate Devops
Introducing Symfony2
Claudio Beatrice

During his last keynote in Denver, Dries made it clear that Symfony2 is going to play an extremely important role in the making of the upcoming version(s) of Drupal. This session will cover the...

Intermediate Development
Introducing the Drupal 8 configuration management system
Greg Dunlap

Drupal 8 has a new configuration management system! In this session I will provide an architectural overview of the system, as well as code samples and information developers will need to...

Intermediate Devops
Mapping with Drupal
Boris Doesborg

If you want to start developing maps in your Drupal 7 websites you should prepare for a steep learning curve.

Unlike Drupal 6, Drupal 7 has much less all-in-one-out-of-the-box mapping...

Intermediate Sites building & Case studies
Mastering Drupal cache
Janez Urevc

Drupal has a built in Cache API, which allows module developers to save output of the expensive parts of code to be re-used in future. This not only makes code faster and more responsive, but will...

Intermediate Performance
Multilingual websites with a click - Translation Management Tools
Miro Dietiker

Multilingual projects are very challenging. Join this session to understand the future of handling multilingual Drupal projects with ease.

After a long process of building a new...

Beginner Multilingual
NodeStream: A distribution platform
Fabian Sörqvist, Pontus Nilsson

When building Drupal sites today, you are often faced with two choices: Start out from scratch building a solution on top of the Drupal ecosystem, or go with an already made solution in form of a...

Intermediate Sites building & Case studies
Performance 101
Marcus Deglos

Maybe your site's getting a million hits a day. Or maybe just 10. You still want a faster site, right?

This session covers the tools and techniques I use on everything from my blog site...

Intermediate Performance
Personalisation and Recommendations using Drupal
Klokie Grossfeld, Daniel Harris

Most social networks and commerce websites are providing their users with friend and product recommendations. Ever wanted to add powerful user- and item-based recommendations to your social or...

Intermediate Sites building & Case studies
Profiling Drupal with devel and xhprof
Karsten Frohwein

You want to speed up your Drupal and don't know what to do?

Your website performs bad but why?

In this session I will show you tools how you can find out how your Drupal behaves....

Intermediate Performance
Responsive Web Design: everything has changed
Javier Usobiaga

Responsive Web Design has become the answer for accessing websites through very different devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and TVs with very different sizes, resolutions and...

Intermediate Frontend & mobile
Staging with git and drush
Markus Heurung

It’s good practice to develop your Drupal site locally before you push your changes to a production site. And it’s even better having a testing environment where you integrate your changes with a...

Intermediate Devops
Stuff Drupal with Feeds and custom feeds plugins
Mikael Kundert, Joonas Meriläinen

This session will cover advanced techniques to feed data into Drupal with the flexible Feeds module and its add-ons.

We will have code examples and snippets, but also a use case how to play...

Intermediate Development
Welcoming session

Welcoming session