Proposed Sprints

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Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative sprint

Gábor Hojtsy

Drupal Dev Days is the biggest developer focused Drupal gathering in Europe each year. Last year there were close to 600 signups for the event in Brussels. It is going to be a big event in an area...


Drupal Media Initiative sprint

Thomas Svenson, Janez Urevc

The Drupal Media Initiative, with the Media and File Entity modules as base, is quickly gathering momentum to become the main file and media management solution for Drupal 7. A Media sprint would...


D8 Entity API Sprint

Wolfgang Ziegler

The Entity API in Drupal 7 core is a great start, but is not yet complete. That has to be changed for Drupal 8 - so get on board and help moving the API along.



Improve Mapping in Drupal 7

Josef Dabernig



Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal

Klokie Grossfeld, Daniel Harris


  • Provide a common interface to access common functions across multiple social networks. Making it easier for:
    • Developers to create and maintain social network...

Configuration management initiative

Greg Dunlap

Lets work on the configuration management initiative! Coders of all skill levels will be in demand, and there are lots of tasks to address.


Views in Core Sprint

Daniel Wehner

After the official announcement in