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Behavior Driven Development with Drupal
Alex Wilde

In this session, I'll explain the benefits of practicing test driven development and a variation called behavior driven development.

You'll learn the basics of how to write your modules "...

Advanced Devops
Displaying external data on the fly with Views and CTools
Bálint Kléri

When your only goal is to present a large amount of external data in Drupal, leveraging the power of Views and CTools by implementing custom plugins is an effective approach. Let me show you why...

Advanced Development
Automating Drupal Development: Features, Makefiles and Beyond
Andrea Pescetti, Antonio De Marco

Features are a well-known and very useful tool to streamline Drupal development and write reusable components. However, if you get serious about...

Advanced Development
Beat the devil: towards a Drupal performance benchmark
Rodrigo Alfaro, Antonio Almeida, Pedro González Serrano

Picasso once remarked that computers where useless because they can only give answers. In fact the uniquely human characteristic is the ability to pose questions. Posing the question is what...

Advanced Performance
Drupal 8's Multilingual Wonderland
Gábor Hojtsy

Come to this session to get a report of the plans for Drupal 8's multilingual support as well as all the progress made to date especially including the results of the sprint before the conference...

Beginner Multilingual
/* Talking about code */
Jakob Persson

When you're just one person, or three, knowing how something is done or why is not that hard. You can rely on comments in code, and when necessary ask the person. But as your organization...

Beginner Development
Content moderation workflow with Workbench
Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Workbench is a suite of Drupal modules that provides authors, editors, and publishers with a unified interface for managing content relevant to them. Used by organizations of all shapes and...

Beginner Sites building & Case studies
Multilingual websites with a click - Translation Management Tools
Miro Dietiker

Multilingual projects are very challenging. Join this session to understand the future of handling multilingual Drupal projects with ease.

After a long process of building a new...

Beginner Multilingual
Designing Drupal 8
Bojhan Somers

This session will give an overview from the UX-Team lead Bojhan Somers, how they are redesigning Drupal 8. There is a whole new set of challenges and this talk, will give an intro into the process...

Beginner Frontend & mobile
A sneak peek at Commerce Kickstart v2
Bojan Zivanovic, Augustin Delaporte

Drupal Commerce 1.0 was released in August 2011 and has seen explosive growth ever since. 11 thousand live sites, 88 thousand downloads, and increasing every day. Thousands of contributed modules...

Beginner Sites building & Case studies
Debugging 101: Tools & Techniques
Ivo Van Geertruyen

Ever struggled with Drupal's dreaded White Screen of Dead? Does troubleshooting your code involve copious amounts of var_dump's and dsm's? This session is aimed at...

Beginner Development
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Drupal 8: What you need to know
Angela Byron

Since March 2011, the community has been hard at work on Drupal 8, which is currently undergoing active development. This revolutionary new release sports tons of improvements, and Angela Byron,...

Beginner Sites building & Case studies
Drupal Search and Solr Wizardry
Nick Veenhof, Matthias Hutterer

In this session we will try to give you a good overview of all the Search modules in Drupal 7. This includes Search (Core), Search API, Apachesolr and many more. This session will not be aimed at...

Intermediate Devops
Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Aegir
Ilari Mäkelä

In this session we will examine how you can build Continuous Integration (CI) system to support your site development workflow by using Jenkins and...

Intermediate Development
Mastering Drupal cache
Janez Urevc

Drupal has a built in Cache API, which allows module developers to save output of the expensive parts of code to be re-used in future. This not only makes code faster and more responsive, but will...

Intermediate Performance
Stuff Drupal with Feeds and custom feeds plugins
Mikael Kundert, Joonas Meriläinen

This session will cover advanced techniques to feed data into Drupal with the flexible Feeds module and its add-ons.

We will have code examples and snippets, but also a use case how to play...

Intermediate Development
10 tips to run Drupal based, mobile & multi-device apps

During this session we'll learn on concrete 4 examples (Mobile site for Orange, mobile site for biggest french luxury group, iPad native application based on Drupal for the biggest french bank and...

Intermediate Frontend & mobile
Profiling Drupal with devel and xhprof
Karsten Frohwein

You want to speed up your Drupal and don't know what to do?

Your website performs bad but why?

In this session I will show you tools how you can find out how your Drupal behaves....

Intermediate Performance