Proposed Sessions

Session Experience level

Building flexible web services using Drupal

Klokie Grossfeld, Daniel Harris

Drupal can act as a RESTful API by using the Services module. We've come up with a novel approach...


Filters Exposed

Jonathan Diaz

Filters display different content types fields to generate a master filter, which can generate a search.

This type of filter based on Drupal 6, achieves a broader search and successful...


ECK - How to use Entities in Drupal 7

Karsten Frohwein

With Drupal 7 we got a powerful tool called entities.
But a year later they still feel strange to many people. For example I did a...


From PSD to a running Drupal theme.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch

How many times you have fought with Drupal just to display a dummy text that does not fit in a node. How many times you have thought "this design cannot be implemented in Drupal".

In this...


Rate Drupal entities with Facebook and Twitter

Vasi Chindris

This session will cover the Entity External Rating module:


Drupal for Mobile: Responsive Web Design fixxes a lot but not everything

Michael Schmid

Building mobile websites with Responsive Web Design is awesome. But it doesn't cover everything we need to think about while building a mobile site.

Amazee Labs has built multiple mobile...


Responsive Design with Sass, Compass, and Drupal 7

Sam Richard

Mobile matters. There are more than 4x the number mobile devices activated each day than there babies born and the question of how to...


Drupal and the rise of the Documents

Claudio Beatrice

It has been nearly three years since the term 'NoSQL' was coined and since then it contributed to shape the idea of a set of new technologies that soon conquered the mind(and heart :) of many...


An introduction to the Migrate module

Nathan Lisgo

This is a session for those who have not taken the leap and tried out the migrate module. I will share my experiences with the module and step through some example migration code. What did I find...


How we can build mobile websites/app with Lungo and drupal

Oskar Calvo

I want to explain two things:

  • How works
  • How we can build fast movile app with lungo and Drupal

Lungojs is a...


Drupal Best Practices for Developers

Léon Cros

When we are auditing Drupal web sites, we find often development bad practices, used by good PHP developers, who focused on delivering a Drupal site quickly without spending enough time searching...


Introduction to entity properties and relationships

Nathan Lisgo

The data selector is a fantastic and powerful component in Rules 2. In this session you will become more familiar with the code that defines the entity properties and relationships that you...


Writing maintainable code

David Hernández Ruiz

We, as developers, are always dealing with code wrote by other people. Usually, when that happens, we found ourselves trying to understand what does each piece of code and walking in circles...


Media in Drupal 7

Janez Urevc

Media handling has been pretty inhomogeneous in previous versions of Drupal. A lot of contrib modules were trying to address the same problem. As a result we ended up with at least a bit...


100% Localization with Optimized Machine Translation and Crowd-based Quality Assurance

Joachim Van den Bogaert

Off-the-shelf Machine Translation can help you to automate Drupal translation, but there is a chance that you will get complaints from your users because of garbled content. To successfully...


It is all in a pane, or more

Mikke Schirén

So you have set up the Drupal site, but you do not like how the content is displayed, you want to remove fields or to place them before or after some field. You could do this in many ways, in this...